WaddaFundraiser Development

WaddaFundraiser wallpapers are fairly simple for experienced developers to pick up. Please contact our developer mailing list and check out our Source Forge project page here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/waddafundraiser

Here is the pertinent info:

    1. Get source: git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/waddafundraiser/code waddafundraiser-code

    2. From Android Eclipse environment select File->Import...->Existing Project

    3. Contact us on the mailing list with comments or questions.


A recent OpenGL 3D Android Live Wallpaper prototype has exceeded expectations and promises to open up WaddaFundraiser
to a whole new class of wallpapers. View a sneak-peak of the prototype here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNtDu1PuUuQ

Following this success it is a pleasure to announce that development on WaddaCube is beginning immediately, and it is
happening in the open. In fact the source code for the prototype (and ongoing development) is already available via git:
    git clone git://waddafundraiser.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/waddafundraiser/waddacube

Download the code, add the project to your Eclipse workspace, and jump in! It will be beneficial to you and to all of us.

Some of the minimal 1.0 features needed for WaddaCube are:
    1. Separate texture images for each of the cube's faces
    2. Application Activity similar to other WaddaFundraiser wallpapers

Some of the really nice to have 1.0 features are:
    1. Nested cubes - giving each face 2-3 layers of textures to add a unique "popout" effect (and more). 
    2. Touch interaction
    3. Settings
    4. Moving background texture
    5. Middle non-spinning texture inside cube (a.k.a. the core)

Most of these are quite low hanging fruit. You can make a big difference!

The branding possibilities with WaddaCube are really exciting. The effect achieved with the prototype uses textures with
transparency over a single cube. Imagine what fundraisers will come up with.

The prototype was made much easier to attain by standing on the shoulders of giants, i.e. other open source projects, namely:
    A. NeHe OpenGL Tutorials and in particular the Android Ports there-of (Lesson06)

    B. Ben Gruver's GLWallpaperService.java

    C. Android deep wallpaper (no code used, but it's nice example)

There is some pretty cool software here. Think you can do better? We bet you can! Download the code and show us!