Better than Candy Bars, Better than Cookie Dough, Better than Magazines, Better than Scratch Cards!

Welcome to WaddaFundraiser!

WaddaFundraiser provides, for free, Android Live Wallpapers for fundraisers to customize and sell to raise money. The wallpapers are completely free to the fundraiser so ALL proceeds raised by the fundraiser, stay with the fundraiser! This may sound too good to be true, but WaddaFundraiser is an open source project with software developed by the open source community. This is a community effort to improve fundraising for everyone. After you see a bit more we hope you will feel like helping too! (And it's really easy to do!)

WaddaFundraiser was founded because it didn't seem right that 3rd party fundraising companies should be exploiting organizations and children for profit. These companies routinely take 50% or more of the donations collected by an organization. There are better ways to go about fundraising than pressuring kids with sales quotas, expecting them to sell door-to-door, and sticking parents with excess merchandise. With WaddaFundraiser there are whole new ways of working together and reaching new heights.

Customizable Wallpapers

The WaddaFundraiser wallpapers can be customized by a fundraiser to make wallpapers unique and specific to the fundraiser as if it was created especially for the fundraiser. As an example a fundraiser for a school can customize a WaddaFundraiser wallpaper by replacing the default graphics with the school's logo and school colors. The same is true for kids' sports teams or a nation-wide organization.

Customized wallpapers can then be promoted on websites, in blogs, via email, and via social networking sites like Facebook and Google+. Fundraisers can also get really creative with the use of QR Codes. Perhaps a huge banner could be hung on the outside of a school promoting your cause! Or maybe billboards or on a smaller scale yard signs. We probably can't even imagine what kids will come up with at sporting events, etc. When a school fundraiser uses WaddaFundraiser wallpapers customized for the school they will be raising school spirit and raising funds!


The first WaddaFundraiser wallpaper is Patriotic Android featuring Captain Android standing tall in a shower of red, white, and blue fireworks!

The Captain Android wallpaper can be customized with a new logo, text, and fountain colors! The wallpaper is shown below customized for a school:

Each wallpaper can be customized multiple times to highlight themes that people can rally around. For example in a high school setting it is a good idea to customize the wallpaper for each of the Seniors, Juniors, Sophomore, and Freshman classes along with Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, and other sports teams. Perhaps even Homecoming themes or other programs. It's also a good idea to make the wallpaper specific and memorable by listing the year, which has the added benefit of keeping fundraising options open for the following year.

All that is required to customize this wallpaper is an image in PNG format.


WaddaCube is an easy-to-customize eye-catching 3D cube wallpaper with some unique twists. 3D cubes are quite popular on Google Play with various incarnations having 100,000+ downloads. In its most basic form WaddaCube can be used to create simple 3D cube wallpapers such as shown here:

This alone is already a neat-looking wallpaper, but WaddaCube has some additional features that will really help your wallpaper stand out. First WaddaCube allows separate images for each of the cube faces and these can be any image from photos to logos. This means there are six separate areas to be filled with branding and messaging.

WaddaCube's most impressive stand-out feature is that each face actually has multiple stacked layers that can each have unique images and graphics. This can be used to create eye-catching pop-out 3D effects. These effects can really be seen in the WaddaCube example wallpaper Captain Android 3D.

Below is an example of WaddaCube with the graphics changed for a school.

WaddaCube is a completely blank 3D canvas which each organization can use to create several truly unique wallpapers. Imagine the possibilies. All that is required to customize this wallpaper is a set of images in PNG format.

As way of proof here is our new Android Ice Cube wallpaper. It is able to achieve a completely different look just by replacing the graphics:

"But wait there's more!"

"Organic", Safe, Healthy, Creative!

If people like their live wallpaper and show it off this will further spread the word and help the fundraiser! When people know that ALL of their donation is going to good use by the fundraiser they are more likely to donate and more likely to donate more!

With the word about your fundraiser spreading from person to person and spreading electronically via websites, email and social networking sites, with QR Codes silently constantly selling for you, and with people willing to donate more, it is easy to see that WaddaFundraiser represents a huge shift towards growing funds organically. And all without the need to turn children into door-to-door salespeople. Instead kids work together creatively on the same team to raise awareness.


WaddaFundraiser is all on-line with instantaneous distribution elliminating all the logistics nightmares of distributing "stuff". No scheduling, no missed pickups, no spoilage, no headaches!


Most fundraisers have to work in cycles that come to an end. Fundraisers using WaddaFundraiser can have their products up for sale continuously (365/24/7).


WaddaFundraiser scales effortlessly. It's not just for kids as it can scale to meet the needs of the largest national or global organizations. It can also help smaller fundraisers reach much further than selling door-to-door.

So Environmentally Friendly!

WaddaFundraiser is also a big win for the environment. There is much less waste all around with WaddaFundraiser - less "stuff" and less printed material (catalogs). Good for landfills! Good for trees! Good for you!

WaddaFundraiser - Great for high schools, grade schools, churches, sports teams, charities, clubs, non-profits, presidential campaigns, you name it!


Q. 100% profit for my fundraiser?!? Isn't this too good to be true?

A. Nope! Welcome to open source software! Here's how and why it works. We wanted better fundraiser experiences for our kids, so we created this software. By sharing it for free, other people benefit too and the project grows in popularity. As more people know about it and use it, people give back to WaddaFundraiser in whatever manner they can; some with donations, some with code improvements, some with new special effects, some with new software ideas, some with documentaton, etc.. This makes WaddaFundraiser even better for everyone our kids included. As a result of it getting better and more useful more people will use it, and the cycle continues.

Q. If this is open source and people can get the software for free, why would they buy it from my fundraiser?

A. The wallpaper will have your fundraiser's branding which makes it unique! Users won't be able to get your cool branding from the open source project!

Getting Started

If you would like to use WaddaFundraiser for your next fundraising campaign please contact us by sending an email to or even join the mailing list. We have volunteers standing by that will be glad to help create a custom wallpaper for you.

Lend a Hand

WaddaFundraiser is a really neat project - we're helping kids, helping charities, helping the environment, and on top of that we get cool wallpapers to show off! You can also help and it's fun and easy!

  1. If you like what you have seen one super-easy and fun way you can help out right now is to install our wallpapers, and let us know what you think! Just by installing them you are bumping up the number of installs and that helps us get noticed! Try us out on all of your devices! Of course positive comments left on Google Play really help too!
  2. Another easy one you could do today is just to spread the word about WaddaFundraiser. Mention us on Facebook, Google+, in a tweet, in a blog, or in a forum you are active in. Simply open a discussion with your friends. If you provide a link to that will help immensely (and will boost our Google page ranking!)
  3. You could print this guy out (8.5" x 11" landscape) and hang him at work or where people will see him. He'll take care of the rest!
  4. There are lots of opportunities for deeper involvement too. We need champions, mentors, artists, web designers, programmers, and testers (for all kinds of devices). To get involved please join our mailing lists.
  5. If you would like to help sling code please visit Developing with WaddaFundraiser!

Thank you!